10 Important points must consider for business websites

Every business website needs to be improved for latest trends and more visibilities to all of the customers. In the new website, pages should be focused to explain all company Products solutions, Support information, Latest News, Products overview videos, Management profiles, Testimonials, Blogs and live chat support.


Also, focus on best search engine optimization and search engine marketing by using major search engines and promote to all social Medias. Use best CMS website for easy to update the web page content.
tips for business websites

1 Domain Name

Domain name is most important for every website; dot com is a TDL (Top level domain) domain. This is the most preference for improving the SEO Ranking. Also, the domain name should be explained about company solutions.


2 HTML5 Template

HTML5 is the latest trend website design so the new design should be built with HTML5, this web page features supported all Browsers, Devices, and Operating Systems. HTML5 runs the videos without using any special plugins so it will support for all devices like iPhone and iPad.


3. Products Pages

Products pages should be explained very detailedly to all of the customers, so products content should be more important. Using the right images and product video demo should be displayed on each products page. You can also easy to build the products demo video by using online presentation tool.


4. Company & Management Profiles

A successful website should be listed full detail about company and management profiles, this will help to customers easy to understand about the company. Also, this will make customer confidence to collaborate with your company.


5. Testimonials and Case studies

Customer testimonials pages are most important for all of our potentials turned into customers. Also Case studies pages helps to customers, how your solutions useful for more productive to their business.


6. Blogs

Blogs pages help to update the latest fashion trends in your customers, also update the latest information about the company. Blog pages should be frequently updated at least once a week; it will help to increase the website traffic.


7. Live Chat Support

Website Live chat support is most important for online marketing. If visitors come to your website and have a question about the products, you can immediately answer with this live Chat. So we have to display the live chat all of our website pages.

8. Newsletter subscription

The newsletter helps to send the products or company updated information to the customer through email. You can send the email to customer monthly or weekly.


9. SEO & SEM

Search Engine Optimization is important for increase the website traffic, so web pages should be made with SEO friendly. We have to prepare unique content for every page and strong SEO keywords and Meta description to increase the SEO Ranking.


Search Engine Marketing is most important for promote your website to all social medias like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more. This will help to increase your brand name globally.


10. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion helps easy to reach the particular target people in short time on social media. You can use the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to reach the wide range of people. In Google AdWords and Facebook has a feature of, display your Ads to particular People, Country and Timing to display.


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