How to add Captcha on WordPress Contact Form 7?


Many bloggers using the contact us and feedback forms for WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugins. This is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs, but many blogs receive the SPAM email. So how they can filter the SPAM email and stop the tedious process? Google provided the solutions to filter the SPAM email by using its Captcha. Captcha is the Email SPAM filter, it helps to filter the SPAM bots while sending the SPAM emails from contact forms. Contact Form 7 supported to configure the Google reCaptcha, but you need to configure your website and generate the key.

Contact Form 7 Captcha

Following steps guide you how you can add the Captcha on WordPress contact Form7:

  1. Login to Google reCaptcha website with your google account
  2. Under the Register, a new Site section, enter your domain name in Label and select reCAPTCHA V2 options
  3. recaptcha-configuration

  4. Click to Register to configure the domain name, now Site key and a Secret key will be generated. Copy the both keys
  5. Login to your WordPress Admin panel, then go to Contact Menu in the left menu bar
  6. Click on the Integration link it will open the reCAPTCA configuration form
  7. recaptcha-configuration-wordpress

  8. Enter the Site Key and Secret key, what you generated from Google reCAPCHA account the save the settings
  9. Now go to Contact Forms section, and edit the contact us forms
  10. Add the shortcode [recaptcha] end the of the contact form field and save the changes
  11. recaptcha-configuration-wordpress-01

Now your contact us form will be displayed the Google ReCaptcha, every user must validate the captcha before the send the email. This will be really protected the SPAM bots automated emails.


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