Avoid spam emails using Google reCAPTCHA

Email security always tedious work for everyone, because most of website email form received many spam emails. Spammers send the unwanted emails by using robots; so many website contact forms received huge number of spam. So how can you protect your website contact form from spam robots? Google provide the solution reCAPTCHA, by using this you can solve spam email problem.
google recaptcha

What is Captcha?

Captcha is one of the best solution to avoid spam emails; it is generated random number and validate when you click submit button, once validation is true then email will be sent. So spam robots can’t send the spam emails from your contact form.


Google reCAPTCHA

Google provide the advanced security for email form spam protection by using reCAPTCHA, it is easy to separate real human and robots when access the email forms. Google reCAPTCHA is really easy to handle for everyone, in many Captcha security complicated to use for some people. It will display not understandable word and sounds, but using Google reCAPTCH you can select image to validate email form also provided the clear voice validation.


How to integrate Google reCAPTCHA?

Everyone can easy to create the reCAPTCHA and integrate to their website by using following steps:

  1. Logon Google reCAPCHA website
  2. Click on the Get reCAPTCHA button and login with your google account
  3. Register your website to generate CAPTCHA key
  4. After registered immediately site key will be generated, you can integrate site key to your website contact form as per google instructions

If you are running WordPress website then you can install Google Captcha WordPress plugin to protect the spam emails. Joomla captcha extension also available, it is helps to protect spam mail from Joomla websites.


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