5 Best Free FTP clients securely transfer files to server

File Transfer Protocol is most important for transfer the files from local computer to your online servers. Some people always connect the FTP server by using windows explorer, but it is not easy to manipulate the folders and files. Also when you try to connect the FTP from windows explorer or web browsers it may less secure, so you have to use the following best free FTP client application to transfer the files safely.
best free ftp clients


FileZilla is the most preferred FTP client for everyone; this is securely transferring the files. It is supported IPv6 and Secure File Transfer protocol (SFTP) also included the powerful site manager you can store the multiple FTP details. FileZilla included the Drag and Drop options, filename filter, directory comparison and network configured wizard also logging to file for every transaction. It is supported Linux, windows and MAC operating systems.



WinSCP is another open source FTP client, it is also supported SFTP so you can transfer the files from local to remote server with high secure mode. Its Graphical user interface very user friendly so everyone easy to handle this app also it supported many languages. It is optionally protects stored site information with password in securely, also it is provided the .NET assembly to directly transfer the files from development environment.



Cyberduck is secure FTP app for windows and Mac users, using this client you can easy to browse your files. Its easy accessible mode helps you to transfer the files drag & drop or cut & paste options and its web URL secure way to transfer the files from your browsers; this feature integrated the CDN security. By using this you can transfer the files huge size of files without timeout.



FireFTP client included many features such as SFTP, Directory comparison, Character set supports, File filters, Drag & drop options, Remote editing and IPv6 supports. It is also cross platform support such as Linux, windows and Mac OS X. Its proxy configuration settings provide encrypts passwords security and limit access to your account.


Free FTP

Free FTP developed by CoffecCup, this is supports SFTP, integrated Editor, File Synchronization, multi-language supports, thumbnail preview, advanced schedule and IPv6 supports. This FTP included the proxy firewall support so you can transfer the files without compromised. Also its beautiful interface helps you to make your process any easy way.


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