How to Create Joomla Page without Menu


Joomla is one of the best content management systems, it has many inbuilt features and we don’t need to make any custom development for this application. Because of many extension available for everyone needs. By default, Joomla pages will be publish based on the page menu and module creation, menu must be listed in anywhere of the Joomla pages then only user can move the particular pages. How can we create and publish the Joomla pages without page menu creation?
Create Joomla Page without Menu

Create Joomla Page without Menu

Following steps guide you to create the Joomla pages without page menu:1. Open you Joomla administrator page

  1. Open you Joomla administrator page
  2. Go to Menus -> Manage -> Add New Menu, here you can create the separate Menus for without page menu, it’s called “No page menu”
  3. Under this Menus, you can create the menu and assign the article for what you would like the pages without page menu (eg: no-menu)
  4. Now you can directly browse the URL in your Joomla website (eg:
  5. Copy the URL and paste it where you need

Now this page will be displayed without Joomla page menus, but if you need to change menu name in future you have to do the changes manually.


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