How to increase WordPress Blogs page loading speed?

WordPress is the light weight web app, so that many people using this wonderful app for their blogs. Page loading speed is very important for every blogs, basically page loading speed is 1-3 seconds is highly optimized blogs. This is very useful for user hang on your blog, if your page loading speed is take much more time user simply skipped from your blog even if it is important content. This post explain about how to optimize your WordPress blog for improve page loading speed.
increase wordpress page speed

Optimize code

Web page loading speed is depend upon page size, so that we need to reduce the page size. If your blog page is light weight then browser will be render very faster. You can install Autoptimize plugin to reduce the page rendering time. This plugin remove empty space for your blog page HTML, CSS and JavaScript code so that page rendering time will be reduced.


Optimize images

Images is very important for every blog post but you must consider about image size, because if it is huge size of image your page will be getting delayed to load. So that you must optimize images then use to blog post. Best size for blog post image is 600 x 400 pixels and the size maximum 50 KB. Image Optimizer is the best online tool to reduce image size.


Use best cache plugin

Typically when we open the webpage in browser, it is send request to web server then server getting page related content and send to browser, browser will be rendering all content and displayed to the user. In this process we must reduce browser page rendering time. Install the WP Super Cache plugin, this will help you to save your all blog pages in temporary cache file then will be displayed very fast in the browser


Reduce Videos

Video is always reduce page loading time. So that you can avoid video to your blog post. If it is very necessary for particular post then you can host video to YouTube website and add video by URL, don’t host videos in your own web host.


After completed all this process you can check your page loading speed by using pingdom tool. Now your webpage loading time will be reduced even before.


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