How to Joomla website to WordPress Migration?


Some people would like to migrate their Joomla website into WordPress migrations Because they feel WordPress is the lightweight application and perform a better SEO ranking. But this is not the easy process while migrating manually for the larger number of pages websites. Then how to migrate these Content management systems?


Migrate Joomla to WordPress an easy way

Cms2cms online to will helps to migrate the Joomla website to WordPress migration an easy way. By using this tool you can easy to migrate your Joomla site Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, comments, content Images, Users, user groups, SEO URLs, Custom fields, Menu, Menu items, Metadata and 301 redirects.


How to Migrations?

  1. First, you need to create the account cms2cms online migration tool
  2. After logged in select your existing the CMS platform like Joomla
  3. Then you have to enter your existing website domain name and click on the verify connections button to verify your domain
  4. Next step you need to select the New website CMS like WordPress and provide the URL
  5. Then you need to download the setup Connector Plugin and install to WordPress
  6. After installing the plugin login to cms2cms account
  7. Now you can proceed with the migration process\
  8. Next, you need to select what data you need to migrate to WordPress
  9. Select the data what you would like to migration such as Post, Pages, Menu
  10. After that click on the start free demo migration process and see the results first.
  11. If you would like to do final migration you can select the option Skip Demo Migration options
  12. The next step you click on the complete migration button


Now your Joomla to WordPress migration will start and will be notified via email once completed. Please be not this tool supported from Joomla version 1.5 and WordPress version 3.x.


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