Why HTML5 most important for Web Development?

Nowadays HTML5 is most important for web development, because of this latest Hyper Text Markup Language supported many features without install any plugins. Also supported the cross platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. These are the reason web developer preferred this technology. This post explains, why HTML5 most important for web development?
why html5 most important

Clean code

HTML5 is developed with clean and easily understandable code like header, navbar, aside and footer. These sections easy understand the developer and rapidly construct the template structures. This will be help for creating the responsive design; also it will minimize the number of HTML tags, it will help to improve the page loading performance.


Local storage

HTML5 local storage is helpful to storage the data’s in client side, better than cookies with large amount of data. Also this storage more secure rather than browser cookies, so coolest features helps for developer’s faster way to manipulate the website data’s.


Cross-platform support

One most important feature is cross-platform support, the previous version of HTML features has not supported all browsers. But HTML5 features supported all modern browser even if it is a mobile browser. All these features supported multiple devices also like desktop, Tablet, and smartphones.


Video and Audio support

A previous version of HTML Video or audio embedding very complicated, its need to the plugin for playing the videos. But some browser is not supported that plugins, for example, Adobe flash player plugin is not properly supported Mac Safari browsers. HTML5 are played the video or audio without any plugin supports.


Easy Game Development

Toady’s many online games developed with HTML5, because of all browser supports. HTML5 Canvas element easy to make irregular shapes and animation with a cascading style sheet and jQuery. Also, these Games developed with lightweight scripting languages so it will not impact any performance while playing online.


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