How to import the Joomla Article one site to another site?


Many web portal developed by Joomla, sometimes people would like to import Joomla articles to another website. But by default, Joomla don’t have the article import or export option. How they can import the articles to another website. This post explains to export the article in existing website and import to another website.

Export the Joomla Articles

  1. Download the install the J2XML Joomla extension
  2. After install go to plug-In Manager and enable the J2XML plug-in, if it is not already
  3. Go to Article manager by click on Content -> Articles
  4. In articles manager page you can see the New button of Export
  5. Now you can select the articles and click on export button
  6. It will be export as the XML file

You can save this XML file in your computer for import another website.


Import the Joomla Articles

  1. Open the Joomla site admin control panel, that you need to import the articles
  2. Install the J2XML Joomla extension
  3. After installing the extension, Go plugin manger and enable it
  4. Than go to Component – > J2XML – > Control Panel
  5. Here you can import the xml file to import the articles by click on the browse button
  6. Once select the XML file click to Import

Now all articles will be imported in new Joomla website.


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