How to install Free SSL certificate for websites?


Todays most of the websites installed the SSL certificate, this is for Securely transfer the data from the client browsers. Before that, all eCommerce websites using SSL for their customer access the payment gateway, but nowadays all websites should install the SSL certificate for secure data transmission. After July 2018 Google also notifies the websites not secure if it is not installing the SSL certificate. So every website must need to install the SSL certificate.
Many hosting providers provided the SSL certificate but most of the service provider charged the monthly fee for install SSL certificate. This post explains how you can install the free SSL certificate for your website.


Install Free SSL certificate

Following steps guide you to set up the free SSL certificate for your websites:

  1. Log on SSL for the Free website
  2. Enter your website URL and click to create Free SSL certificate
  3. Click on Manual verification button, it will show the manually verify domain button
  4. Click on the button, it will provide the domain verification file. Click to Download File #1 and Download File #2 link
  5. You have to upload those files to your hosting package as per the instructions (create folders and upload the verification files)
  6. After uploading the files click on the download SSL certificate button
  7. It will generate the security certificate, copy this certificate in a separate files
  8. Then login to your hosting package CPanel and go to the security section and click on the SSL/TLS link
  9. It will open the SSL page, here you have to click on the Manage SSL certificate link
  10. Then select the domain which you need to Setup the SSL certificate
  11. Then paste the security code under the domain name, which is you get from the SSL generator websites then click submit to save the setup
  12. Your website domain configured with SSL certificate, Now it will be run with HTTPS request


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