How to install multiple WordPress on single database?


Many bloggers always wondering multiple WordPress blogs using a single administrator account, because they would like to run the different type of blogs. But by default, WordPress not supported the blog using a single admin account. Some third-party tool available to control the different WordPress blogs to manage the single admin dashboard.

WordPress supports the Multiple WordPress running from the single database but the installation folder is different and all installation files pointed to the same database.

Multiple WordPress on Single Database

Following steps guide you to manage the multiple WordPress installations on the single database:

  1. Create the database in your server
  2. Move the WordPress on your server root folder
  3. Then start the installation process
  4. In the installation steps, database settings change the database table prefix to “site01_” instead of “wp_”
  5. Then complete the installation process, all database tables will be created with “site01_” prefix
  6. Now move another WordPress installation files to server and start the installation process
  7. While installation, provide the database name is same for the existing one and change the database table prefix to “site02_” instead of “wp_”
  8. Then start the second WordPress installation, now all the database table will be created with “site02_” prefix

Now both WordPress blogs will be run the same database but the tables will be created twice with the different prefix. This will be helpful for easy to manage and backup the database.


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