Joomla vs WordPress: Which one is best?

Nowadays many company websites moving from static website to a dynamic website, because of everyone easy to change the content and images. Designing content management website is very easy now because of many open sources available to create the website such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more. Joomla and WordPress are very famous for creating the CMS website why because both have too many features and SEO friendly. Still, many people confuse to use the Joomla or WordPress; they don’t know which is best. This post explains Joomla vs WordPress and which is best for their business.
Joomla vs WordPress which is best


Joomla is the best Content management systems, more than millions of website already running by Joomla. 1000+ free extension and themes available for Joomla so you can make your website very creative without any programming knowledge. This is very user-friendly and mobile ready so you can access the Joomla website in any devices such as desktop, Mobile and Tablets. Joomla is completely SEO friendly so you can make a better search engine results from your Joomla website.
Many news portal websites already running by Joomla, because by using this admin panel everyone easy to create the menu and pages. Also, this extension minimizes the custom development and latest version of Joomla developed under responsive design, so that this will be adopted on all devices.



Most of the bloggers using WordPress CMS for their blogs, because many bloggers believe WordPress is will be turned best SEO ranking for their blogs. This really true, why because WordPress specially designed for blogs website, but you have to install some best SEO plugin and follow the ranking trick to get SEO ranking. Nowadays various CMS website moving to WordPress, because more than 1000 free plugins will minimize the development cost. Compare to Joomla, WordPress is a light weight app and simple to install and setup everything.


The Verdict

Joomla and WordPress both are best CMS but based on your business you have to choose anyone of these CMS. If you are running the larger website then you have to choose Joomla, this is helpful for easy to handle the multiple pages and modules. If you are running blogs or small level website then you have to choose WordPress this will be built better search engine ranking your websites.


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