How to Monitor Google AdSense Fraud click on WordPress Blog?


Many bloggers published the Google AdSense in their blogs to make money online. For new bloggers getting AdSense account approval is not the easy process, they have to meet the Google AdSense terms and conditions. After getting the approval publisher should not violent the AdSense policy, a publisher should not click their own blog Ads, Google considers it will be a Fraud click and they will be terminating your AdSense account. Sometimes blogger clicks their blog Ads without knowledge, this will be acceptable but it should not make continually.
Sometimes competitor people voluntarily click your blog Ads every day to collapse your account. So, you have to monitor the Google AdSense Fraud click every day. Google AdSense Click-Fraud monitoring WordPress plugin helps to prevent your Google AdSense account. This WordPress plugin prevents the malicious click by bots for your Ads by blocking IP address automatically. We can also block our own IP and block the IP if multiple time clicks on the Ads.


By using Google AdSense Fraud click monitor plugin you can set the automatically unblock the IP address particular time interval. You can set the unblocking time interval 1 to 7 days. You can also export the Blocked IP Address and Click IP address by CSV file format and you can set the email notification for malicious clicks on your blogs.


Moreover, this plugin perfectly monitors your blogs AdSense Realtime clicks and protect the account. You can also get the perfect service and support from its authors.


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