Why move to Cloud Hosting on your website?

Nowadays many web hosting service provider available around the world. Many people choosing the web hosting based on its price, but choosing the best web hosting service provider is very important for your website uptime. But the biggest company also provide the server uptime only 99.99 %. No one never assure website uptime 100%, why because if the server continually running some of services will be stopped without notification. This is usual for every servers so that every web hosting provider restart their server particular intervals for refresh the services, while restarting the servers all hosted website will be down till once the server is up.
why move cloud hosting on website
Basically server restarting process going on 5 to 15 min, this is the reason every web hosting service provider will not assure 100% website uptime. Sometimes your web hosting server may crashed due to unexpected reasons, so your website will be down and all your website ranking fall down. So how to solve this problem and make it website 100% uptime? The only solution is Cloud hosting, Cloud hosting is very famous technology website hosting and many website already converted normal web hosting in to cloud hosting.


What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting technology web server using multiple location server and synchronized files in to multiple servers. Normal web hosting is used only one dedicated servers and maintain all your website files in that servers, but Cloud hosting maintain multiple location servers and all website files sharing with multiple location servers, so that if any one of the server is going to down any reasons, your website will be ping with another servers.


How Cloud hosting works?

Typically cloud hosting maintain minimum 3 to 4 server locations around the world, so that website server request send to its nearby server and reply very faster. This is the reason cloud hosting website will be loading very faster and get more bandwidth. Also if you upload your website files in to cloud server it will be synchronized to all other servers automatically within minutes, so all of your website files will be up to date in all cloud hosting servers.


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  1. Well for my, My cloud VPS running CentOS 6.5 on LAMP stack is up and running since last 9 months.. Not a single minute of down time, or need for me to restart my VPS..

    But may be you are right, off late, I do notice a little slowness in loading, it may be because of the need of service refresh as you mentioned, or due to high load on my VPS as miser like me, is running 512MB RAM and 512MB Swap with 90% or above usage all the time !!

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