How to Publish WordPress Post in Scheduled Time?

Many bloggers always preferred WordPress for their blogs, because of WordPress has many features available and still improving so on also it is one of the best CMS software. Most of the blogger doing their blogging jobs as part time, whenever they have free time they are write and publish the articles. Some people would like to publish the article particular time for the day, but actually they don’t have time for exactly, in this situation how they can publish the article scheduled time?
wordpress scheduled post publish

Publish article in scheduled time

WordPress supports by default scheduled time features, by using this blogger can publish the articles in scheduled time. Following steps guide you to make how to setup scheduled time to publish:

  1. Login in to WordPress administration and move to Post -> Add New Post
  2. Enter your prepared article content here
  3. Before click to publish, click on the Edit button near by the Publish immediately
  4. wordpress scheduled post

  5. Date and Time scheduler fields will be displayed, you can select your desired date and time to publish the article then click OK and Publish button to save the changes.

wordpress scheduled article publish
Now your article will be queue in scheduler, it will be automatically publish one reach the scheduled time as you set.


Please be note before set scheduler you have to make sure your country time zone, by go to Settings -> General, in General settings page choose your city in Timezone section. If this time zone is wrong your scheduler will not works properly.


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