How to recover forgotten Google Authenticator secured key in WordPress Blog?

Google Authenticator is the best security system for protect the WordPress blog from hackers. Some bloggers installed Google authentication plugin in their blogs for extra security. Google 2 step verification provides the security key by using its mobile app, after configured this authenticator in your mobile app every 30 seconds it will be changed. When you login to WordPress you must provide this security key to enter the administrator area. If you lost your mobile or uninstall the Google authenticator App also missed the one time security key for your configured account, how can you login in to WordPress blogs?
recover google authenticator account in wordpress

Recover Google Authenticator security key

Fortunately you can recover your Google authenticator security key by using following tricks:

  1. Login to your WordPress FTP account by using FTP client software or login in to your hosting cPanel and move to your website root folder
  2. Go to your plugins folder and move to google authenticator folder
    ex: wp-content/plugins/google-authenticator
  3. Just rename the google authenticator plugin folder (Please be note you have to memories this folder name)
  4. Go to WordPress administrator login page, now google security key field will be hidden in your admin login
  5. Login to your administrator account using username and password
  6. After successful logged in to admin area, you have to rename the old name of your google authenticator plugin folder by using FTP client or cPanel
  7. Go to your WordPress Admin area and move to admin user profile page and navigate to Google authentication security section
  8. Now configure the Google Authenticator in your mobile app, after successfully configured security key will be generated in your mobile app.
  9. Logout and go to WordPress login page, now Google Security key field will be displayed
  10. You can enter the security key, which is produced your Google authenticator mobile app


Now you can login to your WordPress administrator account with Google authenticator security, without any trouble.


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