How to control more than one WordPress site on single dashboard?

Some bloggers run the more than one WordPress blogs, in this case, they would like to access the WordPress dashboard in on control panel. By default, WordPress not supported to…

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Step By Step Guide to Installing SSL Certificate on Shared Hosting

SSL certificates are data files used to bind a cryptographic key to an organization. These certificates are necessary as they provide data integrity, security, and privacy. Without them, a browser’s…

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Why user-friendly website is required?

Is your site user-friendly? You may have heard this question numerous times and there are times when you get annoyed. The best you can do for your website is to…

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10 Important points must consider for business websites

Every business website needs to be improved for latest trends and more visibilities to all of the customers. In the new website, pages should be focused to explain all company…

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How to Publish WordPress Post in Scheduled Time?

Many bloggers always preferred WordPress for their blogs, because of WordPress has many features available and still improving so on also it is one of the best CMS software. Most…

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Important things to know before install WordPress

Most of the bloggers preferred WordPress for their blogs for better SEO results and getting more website traffic. But if you need best results for SEO ranking for your WordPress…

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How to Reset IIS using Scheduled Tasks?

Microsoft internet information services is turned normal computer into World Wide Web publishing web servers. IIS helps to run dynamic websites such as ASP, and PHP websites. This is…

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