How to Joomla website to WordPress Migration?

Some people would like to migrate their Joomla website into WordPress migrations Because they feel WordPress is the lightweight application and perform a better SEO ranking. But this is not…

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How to solve HTTP error in WordPress while upload images?

Many bloggers using WordPress for their blogs, sometimes they will face one strange error of HTTP error while uploading the images. This article explains how you can solve the image…

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How to control more than one WordPress site on single dashboard?

Some bloggers run the more than one WordPress blogs, in this case, they would like to access the WordPress dashboard in on control panel. By default, WordPress not supported to…

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Structure of WordPress

WordPress is the best and light-weight content management system, this is included complete features of a dynamic website like Post, Pages, Plugins, Themes and User management and Comments.   Posts…

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How to install multiple WordPress on single database?

Many bloggers always wondering multiple WordPress blogs using a single administrator account, because they would like to run the different type of blogs. But by default, WordPress not supported the…

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How to add Captcha on WordPress Contact Form 7?

Many bloggers using the contact us and feedback forms for WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugins. This is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs, but many blogs receive the…

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How to Publish WordPress Post in Scheduled Time?

Many bloggers always preferred WordPress for their blogs, because of WordPress has many features available and still improving so on also it is one of the best CMS software. Most…

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How to enable Google Authenticator in WordPress blog?

WordPress most preferred CMS website application, most of the bloggers using this open source application. Because of many inbuilt features and free plugins available in this application, so no need…

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3 Essential Implementations for WordPress Security

WordPress is known to be lacking when it comes to security. Over the course of its long life, so many vulnerabilities have been found; it’s not even possible to count…

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8 Most important SEO Tips for WordPress website

WordPress by the default SEO friendly website, so that lot of news blogs developed from this open source software. Compare with WordPress and Joomla, WordPress is using for many websites…

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