Top10 important SEO Tips for Joomla website

Typically Joomla designed with SEO friendly content management system, even though you have consider some points to make better SEO rank for your Joomla website. Here we have listed most important points for better SEO results, you need to implement all this points in your Joomla website.

important seo tips for joomla website

1. Title and Metadata

Every page Title and Meta description is most important for SEO, page title and description should be relevant to page content. Each and every phone title and Meta description should be unique and use strong keywords.


2. Use Best keywords

Keyword is important for every website pages, this is helps to get better search results in all Search engines. Use Google keyword planner tool to make better keyword, all of your keyword is match to particular page content.


3. Quality content

Content is always king for SEO Ranking, so you have to prepare Quality content for your website. Also every page content should not duplicate, duplicate content impact your SEO ranking. Thin content also affect your website ranking so you have to prepare each page content at least 300 words.


4. Enable SEF URL

Your website must support Search engine friendly URL, by default Joomla website URL displays with query strings. This is not supported for SEO, so you need to enable SEF URL in your Joomla website by doing following steps:

  1. Login your Administrator control panel in your Joomla website
  2. Go to System -> Global Configuration
  3. In SEO Settings, click to Yes Search Engine Friendly URLs and Use URL rewriting options

Please note if you enable SEF URL you need to change htaccess.txt in to .htaccess in your webserver


5. Use XML sitemap

You have create xml sitemap for your Joomla website and submit to Google webmaster tools to improve your search results in Google. XML sitemap helps search engine bots easy to find your page URLs, so every website must have xml sitemap, you can also install the mapX Joomla extension to manage your xml sitemap.


6. WWW Redirect

Search engine bots consider your website URL with and without www as duplicate, so you have to use your domain name as www or non www. If any one type your domain name non www it should be redirect to with www, this will possible to add the following code in your .htaccess files

non-www to www redirect:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]


7. Optimize images and JS

Website speed is most important for your website SEO ranking, so you need to optimize your website loading speed. This is possible to reduce loading speed by optimize the images, JavaScript and CSS files, all of your website images should be light weight and added with alt tags.


8. Manage internal and external links

Every website internal or external links will be improve the website traffic, you have to use internal page link in page content. Also you need to reduce the external website links, if you use many external link than your website SEO ranking will be affect. You can add the nofollow links to avoid external links issues.


9. Avoid 404 errors

404 errors is your website page URL is not available while any users comes from search engine results. So you need to create 404 error page in your Joomla site, this will be reduce the SEO impact in your website you can also install the NS Error 404 control extension in your Joomla site.


10. Avoid Duplicate content

All search engine bots seriously consider website duplicate contents, if your website content as duplicate then your SEO ranking will be hugely loss. So don’t make duplicate content in internal or external pages. You have to always monitor your website duplicate content by using copyscap content duplicate checker tool.


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