Yoast WordPress Plugin helps your page SEO Ranking

Always all bloggers try to move their blogs page results should be displayed on the first page of Google search engine. Because many people find their search results only in the first or second page. Otherwise, they will change the search keywords. So your page results should appear on the first page then only you will get more traffic for your blogs.
How Yoast WordPress Plugin helps your web page SEO Ranking
Google first page result is based on many causes, some important point as follows:

  • Should be Unique Content
  • Meta description and keywords quality and length
  • Quality of content
  • Page title and URL mentioned as page content
  • Backlinks (links coming from other websites)
  • XML sitemap
  • Reduce the bounce rate

Most important point is your Page Content, Meta Description, Title and page URL. So all this factor you manage while to add new blogs in WordPress.


Google results


How to improve your page result using Yoast Plugin?

Yoast WordPress plugin helps to manage your page Title metadata, sitemap, internal links, RSS. You can also view your page result snippet while post new content in your blogs.


Focus Keyword:

Yoast SEO plugin suggests best keyword for your blogs. If you select the suggested focus keyword for your blog then you will get best results. Also, it will check your focus keyword is related to Article headings, Page Title Page URL, content and Meta description. This is very important for your page rank because focus keyword is related to all this area.


SEO Title and Meta Description:

SEO title is a keyword of the page content. You must mention here important text for your page content. This will be displayed as your page result snippet title. The Meta description is very important for SEO ranking. You must mention page important keywords. Meta description also has some limitation of word count, this will be notified here.


Social Settings

Social settings using for connecting the Facebook using this plugin. You can enable OpenGraph functionality and assign a Facebook user admin of your site so you will view Facebook Insights.


XML Sitemap

This plugin is adding XML sitemap to your blogs. XML sitemap will be automatically updated when you publish a new post and Google and Bing will be automatically notified. You can also exclude taxonomies of your blogs categories and tags.


RSS Settings

This is powerful function allows you to add blogs content to the beginning to end of your posts RSS feed.


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